Emotional Regulation related to sadness, anger, and fear

Emotional Regulation is something that we are all trying to reach in our life. This level of homeostasis or simply put balance is achievable.  What does it mean to have balanced emotions? Here are my thoughts on this short blog. When someone loses a pet it can be very upsetting and traumatic for the entire family.  However someone may be sad and shed some tears occasionally.  If someone becomes so upset they are unable to work their job, get out of bed, or take a shower then a problem is occurring. Our emotions are given to us to help us interpret our environment and know how to react  in certain situations appropriately. We are wired to experience the sadness and continue to be able to function in our activities of daily living. However, if someone is unable to function in their activities of daily living and they continue to be sad and are unable to snap out of the sadness to be able to function in their daily living roles then depression could be near.  You see emotional unbalanc
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